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1 NiviMonster - arttrade with Izumi og Ryoma :star:
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REQUEST - sai/traditional with no background(no shadows)
ARTTRADE/COLLAB - sai character(rest depends what you make to me)
5-20 POINT COMMISSION - sai character in full shadows(no background)
30 POINT COMMISSION - full PS shadows and background
paypal 50 DDK or 10 $ - pr comic page or story page.

see most of my OC here fableworld

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Lydia Ref by FableworldNA
Lydia Ref

few part of the things in the ref is made-up by me. 
can be spoilers in the ref if you read Ghost-Life on Fanfiction


Full Name/Real name: Lydia Joyce Deetz. Going to be Lydia Deetz Juice later

Alias or Nickname(s): went short under the alias Mary Scary.
She is called Lyds” and ”Babes” by Beetlejuice, called “Lye” by Ella. “pumpkin” by her father

Family: Father – Charles. Mother – Lelia. Stepmother – Delia.

(father side) Aunt – May. Uncle – Clyde. Grandmother – grandma Deetz(never giving a name)

(stepmother side) Aunt – Zapora. Uncle – Danport.

Husband/best friend – Beetlejuice. Kids – Seth and Meisha. Adopted son – Joshua. Brother-in-law – Donny. Sister-in-law – Ella. Nephew – Godrick

Humane Talents: she is a very talent designer and black/white(she also take with color) photo designer. Lydia can also see the beauty is things and people when other cannot.

Unnatural Abilities: Lydia can call Beetlejuice out to her world by saying his name three times and send him back the same way, but this ability is directly linked to Beetlejuice inborn magic so they can fully be counted as her own.

Personality: Lydia has a true heart of gold and even she has big interest in the creepy and dark thing, she never leave a friend or animal in need. She can see things in a totally different light and when other see a monster... she see a misunderstand creature. Lydia also love to act and play dramatic when either her parents or others want her to do things she really don't have an interest in, she takes things very seriously if people try to hurt animals or will throw her best friend Beetlejuice to the frighting sandworms. Lydia is usually very patience, but even she can run out of patience when Beetlejuice is a bigger idiot than he use to be and when that happen she can both be very angry and upset. Unlike many others she is the only human there has never been afraid of Beetlejuice, she can get chocked over his friendly pranks towards her and when she just laugh with him. Lydia also found Beetlejuice funny when he do his more friendly pranks, but when he does some more nasty things she will tell him to stop and he usually listen.

Story: Lydia lost her biological mother when she was quit young and when she was around 12 years old, her father and stepmother move to the town Peaceful Pines where she was more alone than ever, that was until she met the crazy ghost Beetlejuice there make her laugh and show her a new view on things from his world; the Neitherworld. Since that day she follow him in adventure in both his and her own world and she keep doing that even when she was not a child anymore. Lydia later fall in love with her best friend(with some complications on the road) and it even end up with he show that he trusted her more than anyone by telling her his life story and even Soul Bond with her.


  • Lydia is redrawn after the Beetlejuice cartoon, expect she is draw in older age

  • both Lydia's spiderweb pattern poncho and dress is 'juiced' up by Beetlejuice from fabric of tablecloth and curtains.

  • in the show Lydia is not shown with eye color, but since it is most comment for dark-haired to have dark eyes, she is giving reddish-dark eyes. The(more or less) opposite of Beetlejuice's

  • believe that a bat is Lydia's favorite animal since many of her things has a bat item on them

  • Lydia see herself as “strange and unusual”, this is maybe the reason she never has been afraid for the Neitherworld or Beetlejuice

  • she is allergy to red roses, maybe this is the reason she likes them dead or Neitherworldian's flowers better

  • Lydia tells that the main reason she is friend to Beetlejuice is because he makes her laugh, can also be because he is the only one there 'like' her for the way she is. Although Lydia does see Bertha and Prudence as friends, they just don't 'get her' as much as Beetlejuice.

  • It obviously that Lydia is the more mature of the duo and oddly enough her pep-talk is enough to Beetlejuice can win over his fear to the sandworms and few other things. In one of the episodes he tell her that he “will do anything for her”. 

much of the info in the ref is from both the cartoon and the movie, only few of the things is fully made up
Art/style - Fableworld

check it out [link]
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Beetlejuice ref by FableworldNA
Beetlejuice ref

few part of the things in the ref is made-up by me. 
can be spoilers in the ref if you read Ghost-Life on Fanfiction

Full Name/Real name: name was first spelled “Betelgeuse” but circumstances change it to be spelled “Beetlejuice”,
birth-name is Billie Junior Tailer Juice. Only went under either Bill Junior or just Junior.
When marriage with Lydia he is called Betelgeuse Tailer Juice.

Alias or Nickname(s): Mister Beetleman is the most used alias together with Betty Juice. Also called “cousin B,J”, “Grandpa Beetleman”, “Rex Beetleman”, “B. Beahy”, “General Splatten”, “Snugglejuice”, and “Odious”.

Like alias he also have many nicknames there is “Beej/Beet”(only called by Lydia),
“B.J”, “B-guy”
 more hated nicknames(called by other Neitherworldian) is “Beetle-jerk” and “Beetle-breath” etc

Family: Father – Natt. Mother – Bea. Little brother – Donny.

(father side) Aunt – Mildrid and Lucy. Uncle – Victor. Grandfather – Bilton.

(mother side) Aunt – Irma and Em. Uncle – Sid. Grandfather – Billy. Grandmother – Eleanor.

Wife/best friend - Lydia. Kids - Seth and Meisha. Adopted son - Joshua. Sister-in-law – Ella. Nephew - Godrick

Humane Talents: Beetlejuice is a true conman and just has talent to scam everyone just by a lousy costume/new name or play 'drama queen'. also has a talent to lie like mad... even when he didn't do anything in the first place and is a born troublemaker.

Unnatural Abilities: there's almost not a thing Beetlejuice can't do. Because of his unstable inborn magic he can shapeshift to both animals and objects, he can fly/float, heal his body of any wounds, possess humans(not perfectly, mind you), teleport himself and other, can go though walls, change both his size/body structure and age at will and disassemble his body without getting hurt, but because his inborn magic is unstable he also got a effect of literally translation in things he say, like if he say “I'm beside of myself” two Beetlejuice will stand beside each other and he can't control it, only by use the right words to reverse his literally translated. He has also good hearing, smell(slightly ruin by his choice of food) and is immune for cold temperature.

Personality: Beetlejuice is a big child in a full grown man's body. He is rarely take any kind of responsibility, even if it was him there in first place make the mess. He is also greedy and lazy there make him go after easy (and most of the time not idiot proof) scams or even use his 'friends' to get to his money or fame. Beetlejuice loves to play prank on anyone and really don't care if they don't found it funny, this make him the most hated guy/ghost in the Neitherworld. He has some sides there can be his downfall, for if he sees a pretty girl(both living and dead) he will fall in blind love and do stupid things there usually end up he got turn down by the women and a slap over the cheek, he also has a slightly nasty temper there comes to the surface when people scam him or jerk him around and this can make him a very dangerous enemy, lucky Beetlejuice rarely hold too long a gouge, with time he just see them as a new pranking victim. The only things he fear is soupy water and sandworms and the only true (and best) friend Beetlejuice has is the human girl Lydia he has a soft spot for and he usually listen to her words, after he fall in love with her he began to be a little more humane and take some responsibility.... but only towards his family and nearest friends.

Story: not many knows Beetlejuice life-story because of trust-issues, on the other hand with his time as a ghost it isn't a secret that even when he was send in child-stat(to make him relax a little or just help him to get over the chock to be dead) he was still a big troublemaker. He was soon the only poltergeist there could do anything with his inborn magic(with some smaller side-effect), but around 300 years after his death he began to get bored of the Neitherworld for he already knew anything there was about to know, he got the idea to see what the living world could give him and idea was the fault to he got a curse over him from the old High King Lance. This curse make sure he couldn't be called out like other ghost and have to be called three time before getting out, even with the curse he did manage to get(half) to the living world where he met the young girl Lydia there soon gave him exist to her world and even her friendship. Soon Beetlejuice just can't see a future without her beside him in his pranks and that make him a little protective towards her or jealous when she spent more time with others.
When Lydia is 18 years old he (by accident) fall in love with her and he try in vain to stop himself to feel this but to his fully surprise she loved him in return and that make him see totally different on things, Beetlejuice later Soul bond with her and even marriage with Lydia when he figure out she is pregnant with his children.


  • Beetlejuice is redrawn after the Beetlejuice from the cartoon, even few things from his ref is taken from the info from the Beetlejuice movie itself.

  • Beetlejuice name is after a red-glowing star Betelgeuse there can be found in the constellation of Orion. The star Betelgeuse is the 'armpit' of Orion

  • Betelgeuse name come from the Arabic Yad al-Jauzā' (The Y was misread as a B)meaning “hand of Orion”.

  • Maybe Beetlejuice don't like bath or work because his parents is a workaholic and neat-freak

  • the Curse Beetlejuice has around his neck is a very old curse there make sure he can't be called out like other ghost there only need to be called once, the curse also make sure he can't say his own name and even by saying his name he can both be send back to the Neitherworld and come to the living world. He has to come when he is called and can only avoid the calling if he is highly sick or is missing something of himself. the only way to break the cures is by marriage 

  • in the show Beetlejuice is not shown with eye color, but in very few episodes he is quickly seen with a greenish eye color

  • Believe that Rattlesnake is Beetlejuice favorite animal, even it never been proven

  • Beetlejuice ghost age is believed to be around 400 years for in a single episode a another ghost tells that "in 400 year, Beetlejuice has not done anything else than complaining". In the Ghost-life story; he is born as the first American in Jamestown, which means he's born 1611 Friday the 13th and around the time of the show was running make him a little younger than 400 years old. 

  • Beetlejuice magic is yellow-green or very bright green

much of the info in the ref is from both the cartoon and the movie, only few of the things is fully made up
Art/style - Fableworld
Silent. the genius is thinking by FableworldNA
Silent. the genius is thinking
like has has never done before :XD:

this awesome thinking frown is from the episode "Handy dandy handyman" and what do you think he's thinking?
Personally I think he is thinking what he shall do with that beetle-puzzle he has gotten; surely thinking about it's eatable or just worth to throw in Monster across the street's head 

Beetlejuice - Tim Burton
art/style - Fableworld
check it out [link]
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FableworldNA's Profile Picture
:bulletpurple:Name: Katrine Beck
:bulletpurple:Nicname: Nightangel or for short NA. also fableworld
:bulletpurple:gender: female
:bulletpurple:like: dragons, mystic creature, angels, animal, Fantasy and of course to draw;)
:bulletpurple:Colour I like: red, purple and ocean blue
:bulletpurple:Personality: I spend most of my time to draw, so I am a little shy over other people. but if you been my friend, I will do anything to keep my friendship to you.

:bulletpurple:friends on DA:
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Sister - :iconvildtiger: / :iconanuvina-fableworld:

oh yes... if you fave one of my Picture/drawings, you got a Llama-badges of me.

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