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do not ask me if you want me to draw naughty or high gore. some things I just won't draw

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REQUEST - sai/traditional with no background(no shadows)
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5-20 POINT COMMISSION - sai character in full shadows(no background)
30 POINT COMMISSION - full PS shadows and background
paypal 50 DDK or 10 $ - pr comic page or story page.

see most of my OC here fableworld

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the start of May is going to be tough for me because a LOT of things will happen so it is possible that I will not upload new Undertale art as often as I have done in the past few weeks.
I will still response to comments as I use to, so if you have any question about my AU Undertale stories, please tell me

that's all for now


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:bulletpurple:Name: Katrine Beck
:bulletpurple:Nicname: Nightangel or for short NA.
:bulletpurple:gender: female
:bulletpurple:like: dragons, mystic creature, angels, animal, Fantasy and of course to draw;)
:bulletpurple:Colour I like: red, purple and ocean blue
:bulletpurple:Personality: I spend most of my time to draw, so I am a little shy over other people. but if you been my friend, I will do anything to keep my friendship to you.

:bulletpurple:friends on DA:
:icongravegirl94: / :iconnivimonster: _ :iconakkaria: _ :iconnevia92: / :iconwutbird: _ :icondortheamartas: _ :iconphoneixthefirebird: _ :iconben-the-fallen:

Sister - :iconvildtiger: / :iconanuvina-fableworld:

oh yes... if you fave one of my Picture/drawings, you got a Llama-badges of me.


But He Refused by FableworldNA
But He Refused
EDIT; if you can't read the last panel, he says;
"looks like those DAMNED humans didn't do their work PROPERLY! and it looks like Dad's strongest weapon is now MINE to command"

happen after the comic "Mother"…

there is few things in comic I might need to explain;
I know in the Game that no stones fall down from the ceiling, but this is the YOUNG Underground. many of those things SEEN in the game is not around at this time and the Underground is still.... a dangerous place

I think Sans can open his mouth, but like Wingdi; he only does it when really scared or angry. 

Wingdi is one of the few monsters with natural determination. that is why he isn't dead even he barely have any magic left

since all three Skele-brothers can control the Blasters, I say it's because of family inherit

Wingdi Gaster/Sans/Papyrus//Gaster Blaster/Clam girl/Clam guy/Echo flower explainer/Business bull/Elder puzzler/Business smoke elemantal/Undertale - Toby Fox
Wingdi personality,background,design/art/style - Fableworld
Fablesisters Undertale. Such a strange laboratory by FableworldNA
Fablesisters Undertale. Such a strange laboratory
as expected after the quick visit when Undyne hunted them, Hotland lives fully up to its name. the place was very warm and both sisters probably regretting that they didn't take shorts on or just extra water. 
"what are they standing there for?" Nightangel asked while she used her wings to cool the air around both of them, she looked at two armored monsters blocking a way. the first one have ears there could belong to a rabbit and the other was a little harder to say what was... maybe a dragon of some sort? Vildtiger shrugged at her sister's question and just said;

"ask them"
Nightangel slowly walked over to the two guards, lucky they weren't as tall as Undyne, but they were still intimidating with their sheer muscular build. the two guards looked curious at the approaching sisters, but didn't move an inch. Nightangel began slowly;
"ehm... excuse me-"

"sorry.... Undyne, like, told us there was totally two humans in the area" the rabbit-eared guard said, he sounded kinda young. 

"oh really? did she talk to you guys lately?" Vildtiger ask, her voice dripped with humor

"no" the dragon-guard said short. his voice was deeper and might a little older sounding(?)

"so, like, us Royal guards are blocking off the elevators for now" the rabbit-guard said 

"really? where do those lead to?" Vildtiger ask

"to the Core" the dragon-guard said short. both sisters looked at each other, they have NO IDEA what the Core is. maybe its the center on the Underground?

"is that close to the capital?" Nightangel ask in a hopeful manner

"you should know that" the dragon-guard said in a slight suspicious manner

"sorry. we forgot" Nightangel said quick and hoped they couldn't hear her lie. the two guards just starred at them and Nightangel said quick to avoid a interrogation "look, we reeeaaally need to get to the capital"

"like, NO WAY you're getting by us" the Rabbit-guard huffed "Ngah! the elevators aren't working anyway, but we'll still do our best, Miss Undyne" the sisters again exchange glace to each other when it sounded like the rabbit-guard talked to Undyne there weren't even around. he got their attention again when saying "but, between you and me... I think you could go through that creepy lab over there(he pointed at a giant white building the sisters haven't notice before he pointed it out) .... between you, me, and my bro here, I mean. I tell him All my secrets" he nodded to his partner there didn't say a word, he was clearly not very talkative

"thanks.... we'll keep an eye for the humans too!" Nightangel said cheerful and waved a goodbye to the two guards, Vildtiger followed her without a word

"thanks man" the Rabbit-guard called after them. 
almost at the door, Nightangel notice her sister's raised eyebrow

"what? I will rather not start a fight I can avoid" Nightangel said with her own raised eyebrow.

"good point" Vildtiger grinned and the inside of the white building was completely dark, expect for one single light coming from a screen "kinda dark in here. mind share some light on this?"

"funny" Nightangel mumbled VERY dry, she lifted her left arm and a sphere of light appeared. they both walk slowly inside and they soon look at the big screen with their faces looking back. it didn't farce them at all

"looks like a security camera" Vildtiger mumbles

"I know our store does this trick sometimes, but I find it odd that this Lab does it too" Nightangel said and looks closer at the screen, she notice that screen is attach to something there could be some kind of computer

"yeah" Vildtiger mumbled and for some odd reason, she begins to sniff and frowns big "why do I smell dog food and noodles?"

"I hope not together" Nightangel tease and they walk further inside

"ha-ha very funny" Vildtiger voice is dripping with sarcasm, Nightangel only gives her a teasing smile and changes the subject;

"lets find a switch to the light, this darkness gives me the creeps-"
she stops talking when they hear a automatic doors opened and someone get out. Nightangel's light is only bright enough to make out a dark silluete which walks over to the second wall and suddenly all lights inside the lab is on.
both sisters squint their eyes over the sudden light-changes and they hear a loud gasp from the monster there turn on the light

next (not yet)
Undertale already know who comes next.... wonder how she will react to two full-grown MAGIC-bearer humans?

the royal guards/Undyne/Undertale - Toby Fox
Vildtiger - :iconvildtiger: 
Nightangel/art/style - Fableworld
the start of May is going to be tough for me because a LOT of things will happen so it is possible that I will not upload new Undertale art as often as I have done in the past few weeks.
I will still response to comments as I use to, so if you have any question about my AU Undertale stories, please tell me

that's all for now
Different And Still The Same by FableworldNA
Different And Still The Same
Gaster through Gasters'Tale

Wingdi Gaster - Toby Fox
Wingdi personality, background, design - Fableworld

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