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FableworldNA has started a donation pool!
329 / 500
Ask/note me about:
:icontradeopen: :iconrequestsopen: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen:
do not ask me if you want me to draw naughty or high gore. some things I just won't draw

:star:-finnish__:star-half:- in progress __:star-empty:-not in progress

1 NiviMonster - arttrade with Izumi og Ryoma :star-empty:
2 vildtiger arttrade with Kiche to KH universe :star-empty:
3 MasterSaruwatari commis with contessa :star-empty:
4 MasterSaruwatari commis with yin :star-empty:


REQUEST - sai/traditional with no background(no shadows)
ARTTRADE/COLLAB - sai character(rest depends what you make to me)
5-20 POINT COMMISSION - sai character in full shadows(no background)
30 POINT COMMISSION - full PS shadows and background
paypal 50 DDK or 10 $ - pr comic page or story page.

see most of my OC here fableworld

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Beetlejuice. Winter depress 3 by FableworldNA
Beetlejuice. Winter depress 3
last page took a little longer than I expected, but now it finally done :)
it was amusing to draw Beetlejuice different expression here

Beetlejuice/Lydia - Tim Burton
comic/art/style - Fableworld
Beetlejuice. Winter depress 2 by FableworldNA
Beetlejuice. Winter depress 2
I like the change in humor here and I think some of you will be like this :lovely: :tardgrinn:

sorry if there are grammar mistake but I can't change it

Beetlejuice/Lydia - Tim Burton
comic/art/style - Fableworld
Beetlejuice. Winter depress 1 by FableworldNA
Beetlejuice. Winter depress 1
just a mini comic with Beetlejuice and Lydia.
not world best made but it was just for fun made

sorry if there are grammar mistake, but I can't unfortunate change that

Beetlejuice/Lydia - Tim Burton
page/art/style - Fableworld
The Sandworm Queen by FableworldNA
The Sandworm Queen
A little section of my fanfic "the waiting"

Who dare to enter my realm?! A strong female voice was heard all around the realm. Beetlejuice jumped of chock over hearing the voice and the sandworms back away from him, suddenly a giant head shot up from the sand followed of two more, Beetlejuice didn't even manages to scream before a giant hand grab him hard.
He was trap.
The creature there hold him was a three headed sandworm-looking creature with four strong legs, long tail, antenna over the biggest of its four blood-red eyes. The skin was striped like the other sandworms, but was in the color blue and purple. Lips, antenna and fingertips was oranges like the sand itself. The middle head look straight at him while the two other looked at the nervous surrounding sandworms.
If Beetlejuice found the other sandworms scary, this beast was utterly terrifying!
Leave me be with the Neitherworldian and do not return before I say so! He soon figure out it was the monster there hold him there was the owner of the all surrounding voice. The creature look with all its head at the ghost, now he really tried to fight himself out of its grasp for he feared what it will do to him. It almost looked amused over his figting
You must be stupid or really desperate to come so close to the Pillars without been reincarnated of my minors

"argh let me go!" Beetlejuice yelled and tried to use his juice on it, but his magic didn't even touch it. He has always feared the sandworms, but this creature was almost too much. If it haven't held him in its claw, he would have fainted on the spot.

why should I do that? The creature ask him and it's left head began to sniff to him I can smell you are not from royal blood. You are no worth of me! The middle head open its mouth so razor shape teeth could be seen. He knew in his panic that it will eat him.

"WAIT!" he cried out and by all luck it stopped up "I'm a friend of the High king!"

friend or no friend is not worth my time It said and squelch him. He yelled out for the pain around his rips and suddenly it just stop crushing him What is this? You have a beating heart. To all his luck, it opened its claw so he now lay in its palm, panting after air over the 'near-dead' experience it just gave him
You have my attention Neitherwordian, so tell me who you are and what you are doing in my domain

"I-I seek the-the queen Sand-sandall-" Beetlejuice quickly babbled out stuttering.

I am Sandallany and you haven't answered my question, who you are? Sandallany's voice said all around the place, her left head lifted its lips a little in a small sneer.

"I'm the ghost with-" he began

your NAME, Neitherworldian! All the three heads showed it's teeth, Beetlejuice couldn't even make a "epp" because he was so frighten

"I-I not allow to say my own name!" he explained at fast he could, he heard a noise from her mouth(there was the first noise she have said through her mouth), it sounded like laughter.

so you are the Poltergeist with the curse over your name? I remember it's Beetlejuice you are called. So why did you come here? He was close to ask her how she know him and his curse, but right now he have another thing there was more important

"I come here because I heard youre the only one there can answer my question"

then speak

"my girl is pregnant wit-"

with your child?

"yes" he could swear that he saw one of the head growled angry

the life she carry is a rare gift that dead can give She look a little bored for a moment If you does wonder why she is weak it is because the child borrow some of her life force to self be a living being, It is part dead after all.

"I have to know-" he gulped when she looked down on him with all three heads "will-will she be alright and the child to?" she look at him with no emotion, like she was thinking over what she should say and even do with him. Unlike other sandworms she show a calmness there was unenviable scary and make him think she knew more than she want to share, Beetlejuice really thought she just want to eat him like he did with beetles, but then;

they will all survive

I don't think people have thought over to make a king or queen of the sandworms before, buuut I can be mistaken, even I never seen other done it
anyway, say hi my fanart-OC character Sandallany(pronounce San-dallah-ni) there is A LOT difference than the rest of the Sandworms, but still have a hunger for ghost.

poor Beetlejuice most see this as a nightmare and he is kinda small compare to her

btw, it's not first time I draw Sandy(nickname) and you will maybe see me draw her more than this, she is after all a exciting character to draw

Beetlejuice - Tim Burton
Sandallany/art/style - Fableworld
don't draw Sandallany without my permission 
Spooky companion 3 by FableworldNA
Spooky companion 3
Outsider story between friends. chapter 2 pages 3
second chapters name is "spooky Companion"
new outfit and it's only Devichild there is giving a update on, rest is more or less the same as I first designed it.

does any of you have a idea what the next place will be for a place? Meow :3

 Vildtiger - :iconvildtiger:
Nightmare - :icongravegirl94:
Nightangel/Devilchild/art/style - Fableworld
hey all :wave:
I'm taking request, arttrade and more again, five slots open.
please look under my donation poll for what I take or do for request, arttrade etc

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FableworldNA's Profile Picture
:bulletpurple:Name: Katrine Beck
:bulletpurple:Nicname: Nightangel or for short NA. also fableworld
:bulletpurple:gender: female
:bulletpurple:like: dragons, mystic creature, angels, animal, Fantasy and of course to draw;)
:bulletpurple:Colour I like: red, purple and ocean blue
:bulletpurple:Personality: I spend most of my time to draw, so I am a little shy over other people. but if you been my friend, I will do anything to keep my friendship to you.

:bulletpurple:friends on DA:
:icongravegirl94: / :iconnivimonster: _ :iconakkaria: _ :iconthe-purple-princess: / :iconwutbird: _ :icondortheamartas: _ :iconphoneixthefirebird: _ :iconben-the-fallen:

Sister - :iconvildtiger: / :iconanuvina-fableworld:

oh yes... if you fave one of my Picture/drawings, you got a Llama-badges of me.

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