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Fablesisters Undertale. spider dance by FableworldNA Fablesisters Undertale. spider dance by FableworldNA

after more flying(literally and figurative) on hot air, puzzle solving and meeting more Hotlands monster, one of them looks like a spider mixed with a human.... she tries to sell them food out of spiderweb but they both decliared since none of them was wild about the idea eating something made of spiders, Alphys who asked them they wanted to see a movie with her and before they can tell their answer she has already completely spoiled the whole movie.... so she let the subject rest for now. It didn't take the sister long to open the door to the next area and in there everything was covered in spiderwebs.

“creepy...” Nightangel mumble low while she avoid the worst spiderweb in the air

did you hear what they just said?” a ghastly voice say out in the darkness of the spiderwebs

they said two odd humans will come through here” a second voice hears in the darkness

"okay.... not creepy at all" Vildtiger mumbled ironic and try to get some of the sticky spiderweb off her tail and pants.

I heard that they hate spiders, I heard they loves to stomp on them” two voices say on the same time

“getting creepier....” Nightangel mumble and fly closer to her sister who have more problems with spiderwebs stock to her shoes.

I heard that they like to tear their legs off” a new voice say, this time a little closer

“I heard....” a new voice said. Nightangel tried to use her light magic, but the darkness was too thick

“I'm official spooked” Nightangel say scared and was just about to tell her sister that she want to head back when-

“and I'm stuck” Vildtiger say, she have sticky spiderweb up to her knees

“what?!” Nightangel shout in utter shock, Vildtiger is about to argue back when;

“I heard....” the sister went silence when a almost demonic female voice and the same spider lady they saw earlier appear in a giant spiderweb “that they're awful stingy with their money, Ahuhuhuhuhu” Muffet giggle almost girlish and look gleeful at the stock Vildtiger with a fanged smile “you think your taste is too refined for our pastries, don't you, dear”

“is all of this because we didn't buy that spiderweb doughnut?” Vildtiger keep trying to get out of the spiderweb “look, I told you I just don't want to eat-”

“Ahuhuhu... I disagree with you little kitty” Muffet giggles again(Vildtiger lay her ear flat back on her skull) and tip her head a little “you know my dears.....I think your taste... is exactly what this next batch needs”

“sis.... I'm crept out too... you can help me out of this now” Vildtiger mumble scared. Muffet waves all her eight arms and suddenly music begins. Spiders in all sizes appear and begins to dance while they crawl close and closer to the sisters.

“don't look so blue, my deary~. I think purple is a better look on you! Ahuhuh~” Muffet giggle singing and she waves with her hands so all the spiderweb around the sisters turn purple, spiders comes from all directions, giving them hungry looks while they(some kind of way) claps to the sudden sudden music. The sisters stare frighted at this sight and Muffet giggles
“why so pale? you two should be proud. Proud that you're going to make a delicious cake~ ahuhu” 

“let my sister go! We haven't done anything to you OR your spiders!” Nightangel yell and use her shield-defends against the crawling spiders, she is pretty sure her Light attack is useless since there were so many. Vildtiger has manage to get one of her legs free from the spiderweb and fight to get the last free. They both hear Muffet giggle in the upper webs

“let her go?, don't be silly~” Muffet singsong, she pours a cup of spiders and let them rain down in the two sisters, Nightangel manage to get the worst away from them by using her wind from her wings beat. Muffet covers her mouth and giggles at their attempt to fight away the spiders “oh, how rude of me! I almost forgot to introduce you to my pet. It's dinner time, isn't it? Have fun, you two” Nightangel looks down and see... a very ugly monster-spider.

And its look VERY hungry

“TIGER!! use your god forsaken claws and get out of that right now!” Nightangel shout frighted and fly down to help her sister out of the last webs before the monster comes up to eat her

“I'm trying!” Vildtiger shout and use her claws and Wild magic with full force against the webs

“try faster or that thing will eat us both!” Nightangel shout and points at the gigantic spider-monster crawling up to them with open mouth. Vildtiger looks like she is about to faint by the sight of that thing and she use her Wild magic power to gain a moles claws and then bear's strength to get her leg free. Vildtiger almost fly up at the webs and nearly leave Nightangel in the dust.
Nightangel keep using her Light attack to half blind the giant monster to make it slower, Muffet does a synchronized dance with the other spiders because she find the whole escape/attacks amusing.

“look, we try to avoid hurting spiders! We even let them be in our house because we prefer them than flies!” Vildtiger shout angry to Muffet when they almost in eye height with each other. Muffet looks slightly surprised over this and when she is just about to argue back and baseball size spider come over to her with a writing paper.

She take it and read it

“huh? A telegram from the spiders in the ruins?” she wide all her eight eyes “They're saying that they saw you two and even if you girl are stingy, you two never hurt a single spider”

“that is what we say all the time!” Nightangel shout in near panic and she keeps avoiding the big spider-monster snapping jaws “call you pet back before it eats us!!”

“oh my, this has all been a big understanding~” Muffet singsong and whistle to her 'pet' to get away from Nightangel, its obey and both sister let out a breath of relief “sorry for all the trouble~” she singsong and the sister quickly jumps over to the exist “come back any time-”

“NO THANKS!!” both sister cry at once and they are both out before Muffet could even say 'spider dance'. They keep running until they are far away from anything there can remotely remind them of spiderwebs.

giving the Fablesisters Arachnophobia; accomplish

guess who is the next who make the sisters fun for their money :P

Muffet/muffet pet sider/Undertale - Toby Fox
Vildtiger - :iconvildtiger: 
Nightangel/art/style - Fableworld

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PhoneixThefirebird Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
i like Muffet and her song. but to be honest i don't like spiders. as long some of them are small and stand away from me. i'm ok.
P,s your faces is funny XD Spider Favorite emote 
FableworldNA Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016
that is because NA is screaming her own face off :XD:
PhoneixThefirebird Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
yeah. it's that kind of face i will make when i see a spider.
FableworldNA Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016
:XD: :D
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